Once again Young Tutors are featured

The results of the Young Programming Tutor project were highlighted at the IV Regional Mathematics Fair in Florianópolis/SC. At the fair, the young tutors presented the applications developed by them and also results of applying programming workshops held at their school. Physical education teacher Lauriano Warth, who also participates in the project at the school, […]

Project selected as finalist for FEBIC 2017

The project “The role of the Young Tutor: Mobile application development and support in the application of workshops for other elementary students” was selected as a finalist of the II FEBIC – Brazilian Science Initiation Fair that will take place between October 3 and 6th, 2017 in Jaraguá do Sul – Santa Catarina. FEBIC is […]

Project Jovens Tutores at the IV Regional Mathematics Fair

The Project “Jovens Tutores” was presented at the IV Regional Mathematics Fair held at the Prof.ª Herondina Medeiros Zeferino School. At the fair, the participants presented the mobile apps developed by them and also the results of mobile apps programming workshops held at the school. The Project “Jovens Tutores” at the Herondina School is sponsored by Involves […]

Scholarship opportunities

O GQS – Grupo de Qualidade de Software do INE/UFSC oferece oportunidade de bolsas (AT-NS e IC) na área de Ensino de Computação no Projeto “Estudo longitudinal do Impacto de Oficinas Pais e Filhos no Aprendizado de Programação de Software ”. Perfil: Aluno de graduação da UFSC na área de computação com interesse na avaliação do ensino […]