Young Tutors 2018 Started!

The 2018 edition of the Young Programming Tutors project is starting with great excitement!

One of the first events of the project was the visit of the Young Tutors, students of the Almirante Carvalhal Primary School, to the sponsoring company  Involves Tecnologia e Inovação. During this visit, the Young Tutors got to know a bit about the day-to-day business of a technology company, visiting each of the sectors and talking to a representative of each function. One of the Young Tutors in the 2017 project and now a young apprentice at the company, Richard, also talked to this year’s students, telling them about their experience with the project.



In this project the Computação na Escola initiative is forming Young Tutors (students of Basic Education) for programming mobile applications with the support of Volunteer Mentors (IT professionals). The Young Tutors and Volunteer Mentors will be supporting teachers of Basic Education in computer education at the Almirante Carvalhal Municipal Primary School located in Florianópolis, in order to reach a larger number of students. The project also contributes to the training of Young Tutors in the area of ​​computing, providing learning and contact with professionals in the area of ​​Information Technology, bringing this practical experience to the participating students.

The project is being coordinated by the Computação na Escola/INCoD/INE/UFSC, dedicated to providing all students of Basic Education with the opportunity to learn computing.

This project is being sponsored by Involves Tecnologia e Inovação, a software company based in Florianópolis/SC that develops systems aimed at increasing the visibility and availability of products at points of sale, improving the execution of field teams in retail.


Companies/organizations interested in sponsoring other projects of Young Tutors may contact the Computing in School initiative:

Telephones: (48) 3721-7380 / (48) 3721-4715 or via email: