Project Young Programming Tutors in the “Educação & Cidadania” program of RIC TV

During the IV Seminário de Estágio, Pesquisa e Extensão of the Secretary of Education of the City of Florianópolis, prof. Jean Hauck presented the Young Programming Tutors project for the program Educação & Cidadania of RIC TV.



Aiming at teaching computing in K-12 in Brazilian schools, the initiative Computação na Escola is educating Young Tutors (8/9th grade students) and Volunteer Mentors (IT professionals) in computing through the development of mobile applications. These Young Tutors and Volunteer Mentors are supporting middle school teachers in teaching computing in public schools to reach more students. The project also contributes to the training of the Young Tutors in the area of computing, providing learning and contact with professionals in the area as well as practical experience to the students involved.

The project is being coordinated by the initiative Computação na Escola/INCoD/INE/UFSC dedicated to providing all K-12 students the opportunity to learn computing. This second edition of the project is being executed at the Escola Básica Almirante Carvalhal .

This project is being sponsored by Involves Tecnologia e Inovação, a software company based in Florianópolis/SC that develops systems aimed at increasing the visibility and availability of products at sale points, improving the execution of field teams in retail.

Companies/organizations interested in sponsoring other projects of Young Tutors can contact the initiative Computação na Escola via telephone (48) 3721-7380 / (48) 3721-4715 or email:

More information on the project here .