Popularizing computing among students from Education/UFSC

Workshop teaching the programming of a game with Scratch to students from the research group Tema Didático – Tecnologia, Educação e Materiais Didáticos (CED-UFSC). In this way popularizing computing competencies and changing the perception of stereotypes of computing people. The workshop was given by the students Nathalia da Cruz Alves and Igor da Silva Solecki under […]

CodeMaster – Automatic Assessment and Grading of App Inventor and Snap! Programs

The development of computational thinking is a major topic in K-12 education. Many of the current experiences focus on teaching programming using block-based languages. As part of these activities, it is important for students to receive feedback on their assignments. Yet, in practice it may be difficult to provide personalized, objective and consistent feedback.  In this […]

Motivating teachers to teach computing in Middle School

Computing education in schools faces several problems, such as a lack of computing teachers and time in an already overloaded curriculum. A solution can be a multidisciplinary approach, integrating the teaching of computing within other subjects, creating the need to motivate teachers from other disciplines to teach computing in middle school. Therefore, the motivation and […]

Best Course Completion Work – CBIE 2017

The undergraduate course completion work entitled “Development of an Interdisciplinary Instructional Unit for Teaching Computing in Elementary School” of Nathalia de Cruz Alves, supervised by Prof. Christiane Gresse von Wangenheim at the Computer Science Course/INE/UFSC was awarded the first prize (Best Course Completion Work) in the Alexandre Direne de Teses, Dissertações e TCCs em Informática na […]